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Constructed by the architect John parkinson, the legendary Alexandria Hotel officially opened inDowntown Los Angeles in 1906. For many years it attracted the most prestigious crowds of its time. It became the natural meeting place for the leaders of the film industry. By 1910 The Alexandria's dining room had become the unofficial lunch location for legendary names such asCharlie Chaplain,D.W. Griffith, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. In fact, it was during one of these lunches that these four made movie history by announcing the official formation of their independent company, United Artists. Charlie Chaplin was later married inside the Palm Court Ballroom. 


Stepping out of the Hollywood limelight, The Alexandria Hotel played host to icons such as Winston Churchill,King Edward VIII and American presidents such as William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt. Accordingly Ronald Regan hosted a fundraiser for his campaign for governor in the early 1970s.


* Doused in iconic hisory and culture, The Alexandria was befittingly designated a city of Los Angeles Historical-Cultural Monument in 1971. 


SINCE 1906


The Palm Court Ballroom is one of the three grand ballrooms inside The Alexandria. The ballroom is famous for its high ceilings, ornate arches and Tiffany skylight.  The Palm Court Ballroom has been historically known as the city's most prestigious ballroom event location of its time.

S P R I N G   S T R E E T